A little bit about me

This is a typical scene from my life when I’m meeting new people or seeing relatives I haven’t seen in a while:
“Do you have a boyfriend?” they might ask.
“No. In fact, I’ve never had a boyfriend,” I might reply, if I feel like being open and honest with them at the time.
“Are you kidding? Why not?”
“I don’t know. It’s just never worked out, I guess.”
With wide, slightly sympathetic eyes, they say, “I’m sorry.”
This usually annoys me, because most of the time, I’m pretty content with being single. Even if I wasn’t content, though, it’s really none of their business. I also sometimes get the idea that these people feel pity for me or wonder if something’s wrong with me because I’ve never had a boyfriend.
I used to wonder if something was wrong with me, too. I mean, if a girl was somewhat attractive, nice, or funny, she would have had at least one boyfriend by the time she was in her 20’s, right?
But it’s not that guys haven’t been interested in me before. And I have been on a few dates. It’s just that I’ve never met a person who liked me enough to pursue a more serious relationship  – who I actually liked back, anyway.
I decided that I would like to take a look at how love works in real life this year. I think that since I’m single right now, it will be pretty easy to study love somewhat objectively.
Love seems pretty awesome in movies, books, and television shows, but I’m curious to find out how it actually works. I have lots of questions. Like, is there one way to do relationships that’s best, or does it depend on the couple? Or are there ever moments where the hero runs back to his true love and kisses her in the rain, like on movies, or does real love happen around a dinner table with kids throwing food against the walls?
I don’t expect to figure all this out completely right now. I also hope that I can study love firsthand sometime in the near future. But hopefully my findings will be helpful to my future relationships, and maybe I can even learn about non-romantic love while I’m at it, too.

About Brittney

I'm a single college girl who wants to explore the concept of love in real life.
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One Response to A little bit about me

  1. Katharine says:

    I can’t wait to see this!

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