Another cute story

Here’s another cute family story. It’s how my parents met and fell in love.

When my mom was in junior high, she fixed her hair into its ’80s curls and went to a freshman football game with her friends. My dad also hair-sprayed his mullet down and went to the same game, because he was a freshman in high school.

During the game, my dad was hanging out by the concession stand when he saw my mom standing in line. “Who is that girl?” he asked his friend.

“Her name’s Cathy,” his friend replied. “I went to Catholic elementary school with her.”

“She’s cute,” my dad said. He didn’t even notice the game anymore as he watched my mom talking with her friends.

My dad decided something drastic needed to be done, so he sauntered up to the line and bumped into my mom, almost making her drop her nachos. “Oh, I’m sorry,” he said.

“It’s okay,” she replied.

“What’s your name?” he asked, even though he already knew.


“Hi, Cathy. I’m Brad. Do you go to school here?”

“I’m in seventh grade.”

“I see.” He nervously ran his hand through his mullet. “Well, I’m a freshman. I was wondering if maybe I could get your phone number?”

She smiled. “Sure.”

My dad was obviously super cheesy back in the day, but I guess it worked. He dated my mom all throughout high school and proposed to her the night of her junior prom. They got married right after she graduated and when he was a sophomore in college. They had me a year later.

I think my parents are a great example of how sometimes, relationships can work out, even if they don’t follow typical wisdom. Like how people say you shouldn’t marry your high school sweetheart or get engaged and married so young, but my parents have been happily married for 21 years. Or how people caution against marrying someone without the same beliefs, but my parents managed to work out the whole Catholic vs. Baptist thing, and I grew up in a happy little Baptist home.

I don’t really know the moral to this…it’s either another cute relationship story or proof that relationships can sometimes work against the odds. Either way, I’m really glad my dad bumped into my mom that night at the concession stand.


About Brittney

I'm a single college girl who wants to explore the concept of love in real life.
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