The game

My friend and I both have games we play. He never asks a girl for her number – he always finds a way for her to give it to him without being asked. I never text or call guys first. I make them man up and do it.

The good thing about our games is that when we win, it means the other person actually likes us. On the other hand, when we lose, it could mean that we lost something we could have had but were just too stubborn to do it.

Milica Sekulic

Sometimes, I feel like everything about relationships – at least, everything about dating relationships – is a game.

“I’ll make him call.”

“I’ll flirt with this girl to make another girl jealous.”

“He has to tell me he loves me first.”

And on and on it goes. Just yesterday, I got into a fight with a guy who is the ultimate player of games. He could have tons of girl friends, but he only wanted me to have one guy friend – him.

I just kind of accepted it. I usually could keep him pretty happy as long as I paid lots of attention to him while he was around. Also, I could tell he was pretty insecure, which I sympathized with, so I guess the relationship was also a bit of a pity thing.

Well, this guy went off to college, then I never heard another word from him. I tried texting and calling him a few times, but he rarely answered. It hurt my feelings, because he had gone on and on about how much he wanted to stay friends, and then he didn’t seem to care at all.

I saw him two weeks ago, and he acted like nothing had changed; like we were still best friends. That made me angry. I made the mistake of saying something to him about it yesterday, and it just all blew up. He got mad at me and acted like the fault was all mine.

He just likes to play games with girls, and the fact that I won’t accept it if he wants to be my friend sometimes and not all the time is hard for him to accept.

The game is stupid. The love only game I ever plan on playing is the calling game. Hopefully that doesn’t come back to bite me someday.


About Brittney

I'm a single college girl who wants to explore the concept of love in real life.
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