How do you stay in love?

I’m a romantic optimist, but I also have to be realistic sometimes. And I realize that whoever I eventually marry will not always be attractive to me. I won’t always be attractive to him, either.

People get old. They don’t have shiny brown hair or big muscles anymore. So I realize physical attraction will also fail.

Also, if living with three roommates in college is any indication, I’m sure married people get really annoyed with each other sometimes.

So here’s my question: how do some elderly couples still seem in love after 50+ years, when all the odds are against them?

Look how cute they are. They have matching earmuffs.

Anyway, I wonder how couples stay in love. I saw the cutest elderly couple several years ago that I’ve never forgotten.

I was in junior high, on a mission trip in Missouri, and we were eating at Chili’s when we had a free lunch. An elderly couple came in, walking slowly, and the man pulled the chair out for his wife before he labored over to the other side of the table. Everyone sitting with me thought it was so cute.

I hope that’s me someday. I hope when I get married, it’s not just because we’re physically attracted to each other, but that our personalities are compatible. I hope we never run out of things to talk about or laugh about.

When I wonder how that could be possible, I think about my friends. (Family doesn’t really count, since you have no control over who’s in your family.) I’ve known some of my friends for years and years, but we still get along, and I don’t plan on stopping our friendship anytime soon.

That and the cute couple at Chili’s give me hope. I don’t have to be one of those people who gets old and cranky with my spouse. I think it’s possible to always be in love.


About Brittney

I'm a single college girl who wants to explore the concept of love in real life.
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