Life is getting weird

You know what’s weird? When your friends start to get married.

One of the girls in my sorority got married pretty recently, and it’s so strange to think of her as no longer single. I still see her on Facebook and forget who she is because she changed her last name.

This is a picture from their wedding. I didn’t take it, but I wish I did, because it has a nice use of a wide angle lens and depth of field. But that’s completely beside the point, so I’ll get back on topic.

A few of my other friends from church have started dating in the past year and are now talking about getting engaged before Christmas. Now that’s really strange, because I’ve been around since the beginning of their relationships, and so I’ve seen the whole thing. It’s weird to think that soon this picture of my friends and I…

…will look more like this…

Note all the men present in the room and the little girl wandering around. That’s what my life might look like 10 years from now.

Not that I don’t want to get married – which is probably obvious by now, if you’ve been reading any previous posts on this blog – but it’s just weird that I’m now getting to the stage in life where people are beginning to think about settling down.

People who got married and had kids always seemed old before. Now, they’re my friends from my sorority or my cousin who’s my age and has a one-year-old daughter.

I’m happy and excited for all of them, and I hope it’s me sometime soon. But I’ll miss college and the single life once it’s over. Marriage sounds really fun, but it sounds like a lot of responsibility. Now that my friends are getting married and settling down, they have real lives.

I plan on enjoying whatever stage of life I happen to be in. Someday soon-ish, I want to settle down. But for now, I’ll just enjoy life and continue to be creeped out that I’m getting kind of old.


About Brittney

I'm a single college girl who wants to explore the concept of love in real life.
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