Just my luck

I wonder why the guys I like never ask me out when the ones I don’t like do. As my friends admit, I pretty much treat all guys equally. Some of them just get the wrong message, and it’s always the wrong ones that get that message.

It’s been happening for years. Let’s rewind to my high school days…

This is my friends and I during my senior year. Aren’t we cute?

But I digress. When I was in high school, there were a few guys who liked me and tried to ask me out. I say “tried” because the few who did went about it very clumsily. Props to them, because as I’ve already established, I’m pretty shy when it comes to boys, and I’m sure it’s hard to get the guts to ask someone as closed-off as I am out.

One example was a guy who was in my first hour my senior year. He was a little strange, but like the stupid person I am, I was friendly to him because he didn’t really have any friends. I didn’t think he was attractive at all – in fact, I got a creepy vibe from him, so I stopped talking to him.

But it was too late. He followed me around all the time, and I had to hide from him. Eventually, he asked me to prom, which had to take some guts. Thankfully I already had a date.

Fast-forward to the present.

(Notice how I’ve used pictures that represent where I went to high school and where I go to college. I try to do my part for school spirit when I can.)

Thankfully, no weird people follow me to my locker and sneak up to grab me from behind anymore. But I still make the mistake of being friendly to the wrong people.

I worked in the media department at a camp this summer, and I tried being nice to one of the counselors since he and I had a few things in common. Apparently I have no sensitivity to who has every single type of relationship checked under “looking for” on Facebook versus those people who are just interested in friendship.

Beware the people who have all these things listed on their profile. They’re always on the prowl.

So by the time I realized this guy was interested in me and that he was awkward and not attractive to me, it was too late. He asked me out too this time, I didn’t have a good excuse like at prom. I just had to flat-out reject him.

I hate crushing people. I know how it feels.

These examples are a small sampling of many similar instances. All this is slightly depressing. Why do I keep having to tell people I’m not interested in no? Hopefully someone will come along soon who I’m actually attracted to and he will ask me out.

That can’t happen soon enough. I need an excuse to say no.


About Brittney

I'm a single college girl who wants to explore the concept of love in real life.
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