Harry Potter

Guess what I get to do in two days?

Go to the Harry Potter 7 Part 1 midnight premiere!

(Cue fireworks, explosions, and other general sights and sounds of celebration)

Why do I like Harry Potter?

1. Because it’s not Twilight. I’ve discussed my general distaste for Twilight on this blog before, so I won’t go into detail again, but suffice it to say that Harry Potter is ultimately superior to Twilight. End of discussion.

2. Because it’s funny, exciting, poignant, and pretty much awesome all around. J.K. Rowling may not be the most polished writer, but she can tell an awesome story. Where else can you have something like this…

…that totally works and doesn’t seem stupid or childish?

3. Emma Watson is my hero. First of all, she plays Hermione, who is a great character. Second of all, she’s absolutely gorgeous without being trashy. Every time I see her, I wish I looked exactly like her.

4. I also like it because (and this is actually about to get relevant to my blog) it successfully has a bunch of different love stories that enhance the action without inhibiting it or seeming like an afterthought.

First, we have the story of Harry and Cho Chang.

Thankfully, that was just a phase. Harry ultimately ends up with Ginny Weasley, who is funnier, prettier, and better at magic.

But I like the story of Hermione and Ron better. It’s much cuter, because it’s drawn out over a long period of time, and they finally get together at the last second.

But the ultimate love in Harry Potter is his love for his friends and family. Even though his parents are dead, his mom’s sacrifice of love protects him in the end. And at the final confrontation with Voldemort, Harry says he’s alive because he “has something worth living for.”

That’s so cool. Love is the greatest.


About Brittney

I'm a single college girl who wants to explore the concept of love in real life.
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