More wedding history

I was quite entertained by my wedding dress post last time, so I thought I would continue my mini-research on wedding traditions around the world.

In Ethiopia, the groom has several best men who go with him to fetch the bride at her house. The bride’s family and friend block the door to the house, and the groom and his men have to sing and force their way inside to get her. Then one of the best men sprays perfume everywhere in the house.

Why do they do this? I have no idea. It sounds cute, though.

In the UK, they have a tradition of a Wedding Breakfast, or a reception. The reason it’s called a breakfast is because in the olden days, they used to fast before a wedding. So it’s called a “break fast.” (That’s what Wikipedia said, anyway. Don’t hold me to it if that’s wrong.)

I think it would be absolutely amazing to get married in London.

(Side note: I love London. I would live there in a heartbeat. I went there three years ago, after my senior year in high school, and it was fantastic.)

(This is Big Ben, in case you couldn’t tell. I took it while I was visiting. This is for my own edification. It’s also proof that point-and-shoot cameras actually take decent pictures on a good day.)

Now we’re back on track. In Italy, they sometimes have a party outside the bride’s house called a Serenade. The groom actually sings to her at this party in front of all the guests.

How romantic is that? I envision her standing on a balcony, like this:


I don’t really know the point of this post (it’s funny how often that happens…) other than entertainment/information. Or infotainment, as my lovely history of journalism textbook says.

But I won’t write any more about that textbook. It ruins an otherwise very edifying post.


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